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Gadfly Kernel v0.00b6

Oct 19, 2005

Over the past week I have found some insane motivation for working on my OS kernel. In the past, I have developed my bootloader and a simple kernel entry point, but progress since that point has been scarce. Over the past few weeks however, I have managed to incorporate a hardware abstraction layer (HAL), kprint functions, hardware assisted random number generation, and a partial port to PowerPC. Specifically, the progress timeline looks something like this:

Version 0.00a0 (x86)
Created bootloader hook into kmain
Created memcpy and memset functions
Created Ant build script

Version 0.00a6 (x86)
Created preliminary HAL hooks for text video access including hadrware cursor control, clear screen, and putc
Built kernel-level putc calling HAL_putc and test calls
Created std_args macros

Version 0.00a9 (x86)
Created preliminary kprintf handling %s, %c, and %% flags
Put together the first cut HAL prototypes for interrupts, memory, cpu, and crypt

Version 0.00b4 (x86)
Added kprintf handling for %d, %i, %u, and %x
Added HAL_get_entropy method to the HAL_crypt interface to retrieve hardware entropy
Started on first-cut memory allocator

Version 0.00b6 (x86/ppc)
Created first-cut at ppc bootloading using an explicit load from OpenFirmware. The base kernel runs, but I have not filled in the video HAL operations, so it is a bit of a hack at the moment

Upcomming Version Todo
Finish kmalloc and kfree
Implement a kernel-level entropy pool and access functions
Get the full HAL ported to ppc

If anyone is interested in checking out the latest version, then email me and I will send a disc image.


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