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Dream: Forgotten

Sep 6, 2005

The war was over and thus the wounded soldiers, stitched back together, no longer needed to be paraded in front of the cameras as a show of good faith and therefore no longer needed to be stiched. Instead, they were locked into a huge auditorium and fed once a day via a huge vat of sludge appearing at the door. The soldiers without arms get to the food first with a mad dash and plant their faces into the slop. Those without legs are forced to pull themselves along the floor slowly and always wound up eating the saliva-tainted remains. Of course this caused a problem because the leftovers always happened to be at the bottom of the vat so they were forced to tip the vat, spilling the contents onto the floor. Those unable to move were never helped or fed and eventually died a slow painful death; their corpses remaining among the living.

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