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Jul 5, 2005

Pepper Computer – Home: “That device is here. Say hello to the Pepper Pad. The Pad represents an entirely new category of wireless device-bigger and more powerful than a PDA or mobile phone, but smaller, lighter and far less complex (and a lot more fun) than a laptop.”

You can pre-order it now! Linux PDAs rule.

The Ray Kurzweil Reader is a collection of essays by Ray Kurzweil on virtual reality, artificial intelligence, radical life extension, conscious machines, the promise and peril of technology, and other aspects of our future world. – Microsoft ships Xbox 360 beta kits to developers: “The Beta kits – the PowerMac based systems were designated Alpha kits – have a processor and graphics chipset configuration much closer to the final hardware that will appear in Xbox 360.”

Attached > Computer history > Macintosh review in Byte: “The Macintosh has a standard, one-button, mechanical-tracking, optical-shaft-encoding mouse (again a departure from industry norms). The mouse has a 3.5-foot cord, its own port in the back, and full support from the ROM routines and the operating system. In other words, almost every application on the Macintosh will use the mouse.”


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