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Tech News: In Brief

Jun 13, 2005

What is service-oriented architecture?

MiniSlack – Overview: “Minislack Linux aims to be focused on Internet application, multimedia and coding tools.”

Should Your Next Desktop be a 64-bit Linux One? (Linux): “In this article we’ll take a look at the history and current state of 64-bit CPUs and applications, see how Linux fits on 64-bit machines, discuss 64-bit implications for applications, see what inhibitors to Linux on 64-bit computers still exist, and give you some thoughts on where 64-bit computing is going.”

Red Hat Lets Go of Fedora: “Linux vendor Red Hat Inc. has turned over control of the open-source Fedora Project, which the Raleigh, N.C., company currently sponsors and controls, to the newly established Fedora Foundation.”

Fedora Core 4 released!

Macsimum News | Apple & Macintosh Related News Reviews & Opinions: “Since I lived it with NeXT, I have re-compiled applications etc., and I can testify to the fact that this is a proven technology, that it works and that it’s been done before. The software geniuses at NeXT and now Apple have done it again. On the NeXT we had quad-fat binaries. The same application would run on NeXT hardware, Sun SPARC, HP PA-RISC and Intel.”

NewsForge | Linus compares Linux and BSDs: “I recently asked Linus Torvalds for his thoughts on the relative strengths and weaknesses of Linux and BSD, and about how much synergy there might be between the Linux kernel and the BSDs.”


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