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May 2, 2005

I have decided to sleep on OSX.4 for a while in order to make it through an upcoming birthday/holiday/vacation patch. I am extremely happy with Panther still, so I have no immediate need to upgrade. The only thing that bothers me are the rumors that Apple will not be releasing Java 1.5 for anything BUT Tiger. That may be the motivation for me to finally setup my G5 as a dual-boot system, but then I have to re-research Linux PPC distros having moved away from them when OSX became studly. Thankfully, today is my final for my final graduate school class. Assuming that I will pass today, I will officially be a master of something-or-other computer related. This should provide some time to my schedule to finally work toward some other personal goals. Considering I have been in school (almost) non-stop since I was 4, I think that I should have quite a bit of time to add to the queue… although I fully expect that this added time will quickly be sucked into some form of home-improvement vortex.

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