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The Cleaners – Our Last Hoorah

Dec 31, 2005

The year was 1993 and The Cleaners had just wrapped up a successful show in some Unitarian Church in Savage, MD. A few days later in Smoking Herb Studios the following song, FThis, was recorded using a standard 4-track in one take. The exact origin of this song has been lost to time, but there […]


Dec 29, 2005 one comment

There is a limited edition Spunkitude mug available at the following link. Spunkitude Mug Pretty -m

Orioles 2006 Successories®

Dec 28, 2005

Thanks to an idea from Usenet in response to my building blocks of clubhouse chemistry post, I present the first set of posters to be hung in the (Una)Warehouse during the upcomming 2006 season. And one for the players’ union HQ. -m

Building Blocks for Clubhouse Chemistry

Dec 27, 2005 one comment

VETERANICITY The condition of being a veteran. That is, one providing leadership through the mere fact that he has been able to stay on major-league (although other sports besides baseball apply) rosters for more than 5 years, regardless of skill-level. Someone displaying veteranicity is often accompanied by an unusually large contract based entirely on his […]

Glaring Hole Edition #3: LF

Dec 22, 2005

My previous posting concerning RF caused a bit of controversy on the Hangout mostly centered around the general consensus that the larger hole in the Orioles lineup can be found in LF instead. While it is certainly true that there is a large hole in LF (given the poor performance from Mr. Bigbie, Byrnes, Newhan, […]

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