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The House as Altruist

Sep 30, 2004


The top 10 reasons why the house, from The House of Leaves is a tragic altruist. SPOILERS BELOW

1) The 1st corridor appears after a wedding, and directly links the parents with the children. In fact, all of the changes with corridors happen as a result of some reaction to the observance or defilement of the family.

2) The 2nd corridor appears when Navy obsessively measures the dimensions of the house and thus neglects his family. When Navy and Karen make love, it shortens, however when Navy is kicked out of their bed it grows and gains a doorway.

3) Tom dies because he both becomes closer to Navy than Karen, and closer to the kids than Navy.

4) It taps Navy on the shoulder to get his attention (although it doesn’t seem to know its own strength).

5) Navy escapes the elongating stairs by thinking of his family.

6) It allows Karen to save Navy.

7) It prevents Navy from coming face to face with the minotaur.

8) The slamming doors save navy from Holloway’s shots.

9) The man (I don’t recall his name) who kissed Karen is pummeled and nearly killed.

10) The path slopes for Navy, thus aiding his final journey.


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