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A call for RPG meta-data.

Mar 27, 2004

A call for RPG meta-data.

My latest fetish happens to be Roguelike RPGs and Interactive Fiction. After this semester I would like to take the summer to work on some of my own projects. The OS is coming along slowly, but that goes with the territory. The Bayesian filter was finished, but there are thousands already out there offering a lot more power than I’m willing to devote the time toward emulating (in retrospect, coding a bayesian filter is boring). Inventing a programming has hit a wall at the ‘Inventing’ stage. However, creating an RPG is something that I can really get into. Sure, the actual development side has been doen millions of times over, but the story side… that’s a different story altogether. The first step of course is to develop a meta-data layer. My initial instincts tell me that I’ll need three core elements:
1) Players (including monsters and NPCs)
2) Environments (mazes, maps, outdoors, etc…)
3) Objects (treasure, weapons, sticks, stones, etc…)

Perhaps I’m missing something?

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