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Mar 22, 2004

Well, after two previous attempts; Yuki and I finally won ourselves a house. It is an awesome townhouse in West Springfield, Virginia: 2 floors, finished basement, hardwood floors, deck, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, 2 fireplaces (wtf?!?), a car hole, and a soaking tub (did I miss anything?). We bid on two houses before this, but lost the first one and walked away on the second one (we actually won, but the seller did not want us to have the house inspected… even though there seemed to be a problem with the floor joists… uh, no thanks dickweeds). Anyway, we are both extremely happy, but also freaking out at the same time. The two most expensive things that I’ve ever owned are my car and my computer… so this is a huge step. I guess it happens to everyone when they first hit adulthood (it took a while, but I’m inching into it), but I would imagine that it will take a while for the sting to wear off. To be perfectly honest, I was a bit skeptical about the whole process from the beginning. Yuki and I hate salespeople with an intense passion, and the northern Virginia real-estate agents are far below amoeba as far as my trust goes. Our first agent was a self-proclaimed expert in the field with a whopping 30-years of experience as a buyer’s agent. Of course, her advise was to forego all protection that we may have against being fleeced (i.e. home inspections, location, lubricant, etc…) because things like that will only serve to delay her percentage… errrrrr… our purchase. We let her go before the party even started. Our latest agent is an extremely nice guy, but he is a little off from the norm. After being our agent for a few weeks, submitting 2 contracts previously for us, and meeting us numerous times, we received a call last night while he was preparing our bid with the question, “Uhhh, Yuki, what is Mike’s last name?” D’OH! As it turns out, everything turned out OK… however, the next step is the house inspection. (crossing my fingers)

Anyone else have their own stories?


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