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FogOS Boots!

Jan 16, 2004

I’ve gotten my kernel to boot finally. It’s is perhaps the most basic kernel that one can create; consisting only of a Grub front-end loading an ELF binary (my kernel) that simply hacks into the VGA memory page, displays a text message, and halts the CPU. I am using Grub 0.90, NASM 0.98, and GCC 3.2.2 to build and execute in a VmWare virtual machine. I am in the process of transforming the VGA hack into a more eloquent abstraction such as printk, vsprintnf, and putc. Likewise, I would prefer to abstract most operations away from the x86 (although all development will occur on it currently), and a video stub is also being coupled with the previously mentioned kernel functions. Here is a pic:

As you can see, I am writing over the video page and stepping on the toes of Grub’s output. That should be fixed in version 0.011. More details to come.

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