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わたしは 日本 に いきます。

See you in 3 weeks. -m

Solaris 10

Solaris 10: a collection of great, new, unique features – The Jem Report: “Last month I attended Sun’s launch event for Solaris 10. Sun has put a tremendous amount of effort into its operating system, with the intention of rebuilding both its Unix market share and its relationship with free software developers. This article looks […]

Somewhere in the time-stream… A samurai screams.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Japanese men lap up new comfort: “Single men find this soothing,’ said Mitsuo Takahashi of the manufacturer Trane KK. He told AFP that the Hizamakura, or lap pillow, fulfilled a primal need.” -m

Upgrades planned after my return

1) Pioneer Black DVD+RW/-RW Drive, Model DVR-108 2) Antenna 3) RAM 4) G5 DP 2.0 with 10 internal HDs -m

My Alignment

True Neutral 75% Neutral Good 60% -m