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Saru Chess UML v0.0.2

Dec 20, 2003

I have revised the SaruChess UML! The semester is over and time is abundant. The following revisions were made: The packages were folded into the main UML in order to get a better feel for how everything fits together. The framework classes were color coded baby blue. Added the Transposition Table and History classes in […]

Saru Chess UML

Dec 19, 2003

This is my first hack at a new structure for the next generation of my chess software, Saru Chess. The design is object oriented (although the precise development language has not been closen — Java? ObjectiveC? C++?), which is a departure from my older C implementation. The diagrams below were put together pretty quickly in […]

2.6 Kernel

Dec 18, 2003

The Linux 2.6 kernel has been released! I am currently merging it into my Gentoo laptop. Props to /. and Marcelo Tosatti. -m

Tourney Chess

Dec 16, 2003

I came across my final two games of tournament chess from way back in ‘the day’. Since then I have not played seriously, although I have written a couple of nice chess engines and once got waxed by a homeless guy in Dupont Circle. I started this tournament strong, but quit after the first round. […]

Intensity… Bleh

Dec 16, 2003

I just wasted 3+ days reading Intensity by Dean Koontz. I feel dirty. Luckily I only wasted $0.50 on it at the library’s junk pile. Have you ever had one of those books that you didn’t want to read, but your momentum was simply too strong to stop, so you simply skip every other word […]

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