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iBook w/o Velicity Engine

Oct 23, 2003

MacSlash | iBook G4 Lacks Velocity Engine?: “It appears that Apple’s new iBook G4 lacks a Velocity Engine, and may not be using what we’ve known as a G4 processor at all. The iBook G4 tech specs fail to mention the Velocity Engine at all in stark contrast to all of Apple’s other G4-class products. This comes to the chagrin of many users who expect a G4-labeled system, using what Apple calls a G4 processor, to include AltiVec technology. Read more to catch up with what we know as of now, as this story is still developing.”

Either the G4 label is a ploy by Apple, or Apple zealots are on the prowl. Having been with Apple for close to 12 years, I should say that either scenario is possible. The fact that the G3, G4, and G5 labels are Apple marketing nomenclature, it is difficult to cut through the fog and get to the bottom of this ‘controversy’. Someone simply has to purchase a new iBook, crack it open, and find information on the actual installed chip. I’ve taken an iBook apart in the past (twice) and I pity the fool that feels the need to do it.


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