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Oct 21, 2003

Unununium Operating Engine: “The Unununium Operating Engine is designed as a highly componentized system, where each component can be dynamically loaded, unloaded, replaced at runtime. This concept is pushed to the extreme, completely removing the presence of a kernel. The code is based on the VOiD architecture, originally used in the Axis4 Operating System.”

An interesting idea in the realm of OS development. While not original in intent, the implementation is pretty nice. It seems that there is a standard x86 bootloader that does the run of the mill setting GDT, IDT, and enabling protected mode. However, at the end of this boot process Unununium loads (and unloads) components as desired. That’s it. It does not provide and abstraction layer between the apps and the hardware, so if you plan to write some code for this puppy, then you had better become a friend with your hardware technical manuals.

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