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Oct 8, 2003

So California has elected the Terminator as its Governor. This fact is raising quite a stir with those outside of CA. However, if one were to think rationally about this situation, then the logic of the results become clear. Being a governor is no easy task, so who else is more suited for the job than a single-minded killing machine from the future? Not only does he already know what’s going to happen, but he has that cool info-vision that can flash the latest budget numbers (albeit in COBOL) in his field of vision. Not to mention his AMD Athlon TX 256-bit (10 GHz FSB) brain (with 64 terrabytes of bubble memory) — which is perfect for ‘crunching the numbers’. I haven’t even gotten into the incredible leadership displayed in Kidergarten Cop, and his almost omniscient planning skills shown in both Commando and Predator. The guy rocks! If we had only elected a guy like this to the presidency; the war on terrorism would’ve be in the bag.


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