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Eight reasons for Michael to buy a turntable

Eight reasons for Michael to buy a turntable Any recommendations? -m


Yuki got me a Gameboy Advance with Super Mario Brothers 3 included. It’s been great wasting my days playing that classic. I’ve been reminiscing on the days of the classic NES 8-bit console, and came up with a frivolous list of my top 11 favorites from it. 11) Strider Strider was a pretty good arcade […]

We are doomed

2-year-old model and actor who cut his head at a playground is seeking unspecified lost wages and other compensation from the city. Quote: In a letter to officials, she demanded compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and a “lost wage amount due to his inability to audition or take modeling or commercial jobs while […]

News Feed Fogus-style

News Feed Fogus-style 1. Read about our high tech killing (and defending) machines! 2. FreeBSD 5.2 RC2 Released. 3. If you’re not using Ant, then shame on you! 4. U.S. Service Persons (I’m so PC!) are no longer required to have poison injected into their bloodstreams. 5. Austin, TX is considering migrating to Linux. 6. […]


As I mentioned previously, one of my fall-break projects will be a Bayesian spam filter (written in Perl). My initial research starts with Mr. Paul Graham, a major player on the Lisp advocacy front, and bayesian spam guru. Specifically, the basis for my filter will be rooted in the following: A Plan for Spam Better […]