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Dec 13, 2002

Added L@@k version 0.20. Added new poll. New aphorisms. Art Bell will retire in 2 weeks (so sad). Good luck Mr. Noory. Another semester under my belt. 101010 010101.<br/> -m

Fogus Fugu

Dec 1, 2002 one comment

I’ve become paranoid — working on a blowfish encoder. Portability is essential. “I sit upon a silver stripped mushroom and I, fa lalala lie loo lie, and I fly fly.”><br/> -m

Great film

Dec 1, 2002

… there was Jimmy and Tommy and me and there was Anthony Spodiel, Frankie Carbone, and there was Moe Black”s brother Fat Andy, and his guys: Frankie the Wop, Freddie No-Nose. And then there was Pete the Killer (who was Sally Balsa”s brother) and you had Nicky Eyes and Mikey Franchase, and Jimmy Two Times, […]


Nov 15, 2002

Started working on L@@k: A Pattern Language for Industrial Machine Vision. The initial outline will be up shortly.<br/> -m


Nov 13, 2002

The pinnacle of beauty died with Sedgwick. The preacher’s daughter lives in a well by the side of the road. The foreman”s son is too busy to speak from popping pills. I drink when I think of our love and my mother’s on the line with a point to her wrist.I’d brave the black jungle […]

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