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(take 7 (david-nolen))

Jul 19, 2010 one comment

David Nolen is the lead developer of the ShiftSpace project and is a Clojure / Javascript / Squeak / Haskell / C / Objective-C developer who recently made waves with his series of posts comparing node.js and the Aleph library. David fights the good fight on Hacker News and provides the world with source code […]

(take 6 (anthony-grimes))

Jul 6, 2010 one comment

Raynes (aka Anthony Grimes) is a Clojure prodigy.

(take 8 (phil-hagelberg))

Jun 28, 2010 some comments

Continuing my series of micro-interviews with Clojure hackers I present Technomancy (aka Phil Hagelberg).

(take 8 (david-edgar-liebke))

Jun 21, 2010 some comments

David Edgar Liebke is a prolific writer of Clojure source codes. Herein, he answers eight questions about Clojure, statistics, and cookies.

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