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(first (rich-hickey))

Jun 9, 2011 one comment

Rich Hickey is the author of Clojure (take… is an on-going series of micro-interviews focused on Clojure. What was the first interesting program that you wrote? An early program I wrote that got me excited about the possibilities of computing was a simple evolution program. Bugs moved around on the screen looking for food, with […]

(take 6 (justin-balthrop))

Nov 30, 2010 some comments

Justin Balthrop is the author of Cake (the Clojure build tool, not the spongy delicious treat). He works for Geni and is an alumni of The University of New Mexico1. Interestingly, Justin (or ninjudd as he is known on the Intertubes) is the only person I’ve ever met who looks just like his/her online images. […]

(take 6 (george-jahad))

Sep 13, 2010 one comment

George Jahad is, in my estimation, one of the most exciting Clojure hackers…

MartinOdersky take(5) toList

Aug 6, 2010 some comments

Dr. Martin Odersky on Scala and Clojure.

(take 5 (brenton-ashworth))

Aug 3, 2010 some comments

renton Ashworth is relatively new to the Clojure community, but has already created four interesting (and useful) projects…

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