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Linkage 005

Aug 29, 2016

The Zen of Palm – Once upon a time there was a company called Palm that revolutionized the PDA industry by taking a step back an radically simplifying the user experience. This document outlines the philosophy of their approach and has some nuggets here and there that might be applicable to our modern sensibilities. Build.Bose […]

Linkage 004

Aug 22, 2016

The Expurgation of Maniac Mansion for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Douglas Crockford — Maniac Mansion is an all-time favorite, so this was a nicely nostalgic read for me. As it turns out the original designers of Maniac Mansion Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick have a new game coming out in the same style named […]

Linkage 003

Jul 25, 2016

John Carmack on Inlined Code Better Notes with Pandoc – I’m on an ever-fruitless quest for better note-taking schemes. The Perils of Semantic Coupling – Whenever Michael Nygard writes/talks about systems I read/listen. Lessons Learnt from the Self Archive – A fascinating dive into Self programming language discussion archives. The CDP-1802 Development System – The […]

Linkage 002

Jul 19, 2016 some comments

Diversity in tech is a hugely important topic and while more exposure is reaching the mainstream, a vast chasm still remains. The Big Lie: Tech Companies and Diversity Hiring highlights the disparity between the “good talk” of diversity hiring and the realities of actual hiring practices. Along this vein, On being a Black Man is […]

Linkage 001

Jul 11, 2016

Linkage is a weekly aggregation of curated information around the web. The smallest (possible?) BASIC computer – Built by Grant Searle with the wonderful 6809. The article includes both Z80 and 6509 versions. Searle’s website is chock full of retrocomputing goodness. A Glimpse into the Apollo Guidance Computer – a follow on to the guidance […]

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