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The Devil’s Programming Glossary: Thought-bleater

Apr 3, 2020

thought-bleater noun A person who shares their thoughts because they had them. see also: thought-leader

The Devil’s Programming Glossary: Yak sweater

Apr 29, 2013 some comments

Yak sweat·er Noun /yak swet·er/ A framework that you created before a better framework came out but that you still use because you know it intimately. as in the line from Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About nil “Indeed thou did invent the wheel, alas t’is an oblong wheel thou hast creat’d. Avast and no longer […]

The Devil’s Programming Glossary: Rubris

Sep 17, 2011 some comments

Ru·bris Noun /ˈroōbris/ Excessive pride in one’s programming language or framework. (in Greek tragedy) the eternal drive to reinvent the wheel as a hexagonal protuberance. RELATED TO: ru·bris·tic /ˈroōbristik/ adjective SYNONYMS: va·node·ty /vannōdtē/ noun see more in the Devil’s Programming Glossary