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I, Cognitect

Feb 3, 2014 some comments

In approximately 20 minutes I begin my first day at Cognitect as a <there are no titles>. These are exciting times for me because it means1 that I can contribute more directly with the evolution of Clojure, ClojureScript, Pedestal and Datomic. For the past year and a half I have used these tools (not so […]

So long, and thanks for all the <-(:> :-)-<

Jul 27, 2012 some comments

Today I say goodbye to Relevance Inc. and Clojure/core.1 Next week I start a new adventure in programming. As many of you may have experienced, leaving a job that you enjoy, populated by brilliant people, provokes a strange mix of emotions. If you work at a job that you enjoy, populated with brilliant people, then […]

Announcing Marginalia v0.7.1

Jun 8, 2012

Marginalia v0.7.1 Release Notes Marginalia is an ultra-lightweight literate programming tool for Clojure and ClojureScript inspired by docco*. To get a quick look at what the output looks like, visit the official Marginalia website. Usage notes and examples are found on the Marginalia Github page. Places Source code Ticket system manifesto Changes from v7.0.0 lein-marginalia […]

The ClojureScript Compilation Pipeline

Apr 25, 2012 some comments

this is the fifth entry in an n-part series explaining the compilation techniques of Clojure. In honor of the upcoming Clojure’s Google Summer of Code projects I present some discussion of the ClojureScript compiler pipeline. I talked about this in my ClojureWest talk, but a little more discussion is welcomed. Much of what I say […]

Fogus on Think Relevance Podcast

Mar 29, 2012 some comments

Yes, I refer to myself in the third person. Who doesn’t? 1 I couple weeks ago Craig Andera interviewed me for the Relevance podcast. I have been with Relevance for a year and in this podcast I talk a bit about its culture, pairing, ClojureScript, Himera, reading, and zombies.2 Listen to my rambling on the […]

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