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Great ideas all over the place

Aug 21, 2008 one comment

In developing Broccoli, I have turned up some extremely interesting language design principles that I would love to fold into Doris: Clojure Iterables Clojure has a notion of sequences that allow different data structure to provide access as a logical list. The simplest example is to view a string as a sequence of characters where […]

Project Doris

Aug 19, 2008 some comments

Project Doris Project Doris is actually the name of a programming language — actually it’s three programming languages. I suppose some explanation is in order. A History of Project Doris It’s probably wise to begin at the beginning. Right after obtaining my undergraduate degree, I obtained work as a programmer for a medium-sized company located […]

Moleskine notes for July 2008

Aug 4, 2008 one comment

Java left fold Using Functional Java public static <A, B> A fold(F<A, F<B, A>> f, A z, Iterable<B> xs) { A p = z; for (B x : xs) { p = f.f(p).f(x); } return p; } A Regex Match username (min 3, max 16, aAzZ_09) /^[a-zA-Z0-9_]{3,16}$/ Langs D OCaml Ruby Scheme (on tap) Corba […]

Confessions of a textual loser

Jul 23, 2008

Confession I have tried to write my own text editor. I succeeded, yet failed. Lame I mean really… who the hell, in this modern day and age, writes their own text editor?1 Additionally, when said text editor is written, who the hell writes one with separate interaction modes? Long story short: my editor was a […]

Moleskine Notes for April 2008

Jul 16, 2008

While Reading Steve Yegge Read the book, Patterns of Software. Read about the Emacs/XEmacs schism and Lucid Inc. Is Emacs too far along to take a commit from the likes of me? I almost forgot about James Clark’s nxml-mode! LLVM While reading Bill Clementson I have very little (read: none) with the ratpoison window manager. […]

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