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2014: The Year of the Vonnegut

Dec 7, 2013 some comments

I love Kurt Vonnegut. Everything that I’ve read that he’s written is a gem1 and his interviews are amazing. Except for PG Wodehouse, I consider Vonnegut the greatest writer of comedic depth-psychology in the history of the universe. I read very few biographies, but when I learned of the Vonnegut biography And So It Goes, […]

Open source board/card/dice game design

Oct 31, 2013 some comments

I’ve come to the wonderful world of board and card gaming fairly late in life. While many people were spending days and nights playing Axis & Allies or Egyptian Ratscrew during their formative years I spent my time either building little computer games, riding my skateboard or reading. Growing up I rarely, if ever played […]

Fogus’ Four Laws of Thermo-Dumb-Antics

Oct 21, 2013

The 1st law of thermo-dumb-antics1 states that in a buzzword-riddled startup landscape all disruption cancels out to form a mediocrity. The 2nd law of thermo-dumb-antics describes a condition where the brainpower in a pitch meeting dissipates as heat rather than as good ideas. The 3rd law of thermo-dumb-antics states that if marketing material mentions the […]

Scala: sharp and gets things cut

Oct 7, 2013 some comments

One of my favorite talks at last month’s Strange Loop conference was Martin Odersky‘s keynote entitled “The Trouble With Types.” There were many interesting points made in his talk, some that I agree with and some not. However, I’d like to focus in on a very small, seemingly throwaway statement made by Dr. Odersky that […]

Women in tech

Oct 2, 2013 some comments

I don’t know much about this, but… The learning process is something you can incite, literally incite, like a riot. – Audre Lorde …I can learn more.1 And so can you. 2 Overview a microcosm of the problem Unlocking the Clubhouse by Jane Margolis and Allan Fisher The Brogrammer Effect: Women Are a Small (and […]

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