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Flowchart: Should you create a new library?

Jan 28, 2014 one comment

Should you create a new library? :F

Timothy Hart, Rest in Peace.

Jan 27, 2014 some comments

On January 20, 2014 the world lost a hacker named Timothy Hart. Hart was not just any hacker — he was a hacker of the highest order. If you’ve read more than three books on Lisp then you might have seen his name pop up here and there. If not, then you’ve definitely felt his […]

Kris Burm on programming languages

Jan 24, 2014 some comments

The title of this post is intentionally misleading. Kris Burm, for those of you unfamiliar with him, is a game designer1 responsible for a highly praised series of abstract strategy games called Project GIFP. In an interview given circa 2000 Burm describes the challenges of game designers like himself who create purely thinking games without […]

The best things and stuff of 2013

Dec 27, 2013 some comments

Great things and people that I discovered, learned, read, met, etc. in 2013. No particular ordering is implied. Not everything is new. also: see the lists from 2012, 2011 and 2010 Join in on the Hacker News discussion. Great blog posts read My favorite Erlang program — When Joe Armstrong blogs about his favorite Erlang […]

2014: The Year of the Vonnegut

Dec 7, 2013 some comments

I love Kurt Vonnegut. Everything that I’ve read that he’s written is a gem1 and his interviews are amazing. Except for PG Wodehouse, I consider Vonnegut the greatest writer of comedic depth-psychology in the history of the universe. I read very few biographies, but when I learned of the Vonnegut biography And So It Goes, […]

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