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The 100:10:1 method: my approach to open source

Nov 4, 2015 some comments

For many years I was whole hog into the open-source movement and at the time I rarely wrote a stitch of code in my free time that didn’t find itself in a public Sourceforge/GCode/Github repo.1 However, over time I came to learn that the burden that came with publicly offering code to the universe, to […]

Inspirational technical books that are not technical

Jul 7, 2015 some comments

There’s a whole class of books on technology that are histories of some system or software or some-such that are not at all technical. However, in every case below I found myself highly motivated to write code and/or create a software system after (often during) reading these books. I hereby present my favorite inspirational technical […]

Six works of Computer Science-Fiction

Apr 27, 2015 some comments

Computer Science-Fiction1 is not actually fiction. Instead, these are books of computer science and/or programming that when you read them you can’t quite believe that what they claim is reality. Indeed, very often works of Computer Science-Fiction push the limits of your understanding of just what constitutes the art of programming.2 Smalltalk-80: The language and […]

Palindromic sequences in Clojure

Apr 13, 2015 some comments

Lately I’ve been obsessed with palindromes. I have no idea why, but I find the topic fascinating. Besides reading papers and books1 on the subject, I’ve been exploring writing some utilities for detecting2 and generating palindromes in Clojure sequences. Before I talk about a couple of (IMO) cool Clojure functions, let me take a moment […]

Code painting

Feb 16, 2015 some comments

I have a confession to make. I have a lot of ongoing projects. From a trilogy of books on programming, to a re-read of the masterworks of science fiction, to various love letters to Lisp 1, to language meandering, to game design, to baseball, to abstract strategy, I like to flit my mind from topic […]

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