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Aug 1, 2018 some comments

Listening to Cafe Apres-Midi:Olive I’m reminded that I was once a die-hard adherent to strong statically typed languages. Since that time I’ve moved into more dynamic languages, but static thinking and programming still holds a spot in my heart. Below I’ll just briefly about the aspects of static languages and type systems that made a […]


Jul 23, 2018

As I listen to Paperhouse by Can I’m reminded of the time that OOP started to really take off. Believe it or not, the rise of OO was driven by a real need for larger abstractions to represent increasingly larger and/or more complex systems. Likewise, the rise of Agile was a response to a real […]


Jul 9, 2018 some comments

As I listen to “Lorelei” by Cocteau Twins, I’m reminded of last week’s post where I talked about context-free music and its virtue in my personal programming head-space. In writing down my thoughts on the matter I didn’t want to give the impression that there’s a strict dichotomy between sentiment-driven and context-free music. Indeed, there […]


Jul 2, 2018 some comments

As I sit here and listen to the brotherhood of saturn by Black Lung & Spiderface I’m reminded of an old interview with Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry where the former describes music as: a package for sentiment… a form of communication And more directly by the latter: (music) moves us to think and feel […]


Jun 25, 2018

While listening to Melting Morning by Solar Ocean and reading Breaking up with James Joyce I’m reminded of my relationship with LISP the Lisp family of languages — but far less dire. I’m fascinated by the idea of regional or “cultural” games. By that I mean “tabletop” or card games that are popular in, and […]

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