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Arcane Sentiment

Lisp-centric (not exclusively however) blog about various … uh … arcane topics.

The Axis of Eval by Manuel Simoni

I rarely agree with Mr. Simoni, but he never fails to make me think. Great paper links from time to time also.

Awelon Blue by David Barbour

Programming thinking from the nth dimension.

Lambda the Ultimate

A once bustling Mecca for langdev goodness that has dramatically slowed over the years. The archives are pure gold however.


A historical artifact of technological goodness.

LoperOS by Stanislav Datskovskiy

This guy hates Clojure, but who cares? His passion is infectious.

Mark Tarver

An eclectic mix of tech, philosophy, and esotericism.


There is no other way to describe this blog. Mind. Blown. Always.

Structural Insight by John Shutt


Trivium by Christian Neukirchen

Possibly the only good Tumblog ever created, except for maybe his first (and the first — long since dead).