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Broccoli v0.2.2 (bellwitch)

Jul 22, 2008

Finally got around to wrapping up the second iteration of Broccoli. Most of the work was put towards changing the syntax. That is, I originally went with a Lispy syntax filled with parentheses to one where different symbols are used in explicit contexts. The reason for this was that I originally intended Broccoli to be […]

Broccoli: Abominable

Mar 26, 2008 one comment

The Abominable release is an attempt to provide a base programming system that is Turing complete. There will be some hints of functional programming, but for the most part, this release is not meant to be a purely functional language. (read more) -m

Broccoli version 0.0.b

Mar 11, 2008

I’m chugging along on the Broccoli interpreter adding the following:<br/> fast lists Lists are backed by arrays now, so random access is O(1). I was considering making an extra array type, but the array-backed list will work just as well and keep the type system cleaner. for loops I have added a for loop that […]

Broccoli version 0.0.6

Feb 20, 2008

I have been working on programming language interpreters for seemingly forever, but only recently has the effort born any fruit. That is, 95% of all of my langdev projects have been throw-aways or work-related DSLs; however, Broccoli one is more suitable for public consumption. What Broccoli Is Not Broccoli is not Lisp/Scheme/Arc/etc… That is, Broccoli […]

5-3-1-0.5-year projects

Apr 18, 2013 one comment

Recently there was a wonderful post call “The joys of having a forever project” that was very motivational and got a lot of people excited. Due to that post I went searching around and found a whole under-culture of forever projects on the Internet including a SubReddit devoted to the topic. While I can understand […]

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