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Jul 23, 2018

As I listen to Paperhouse by Can I’m reminded of the time that OOP started to really take off. Believe it or not, the rise of OO was driven by a real need for larger abstractions to represent increasingly larger and/or more complex systems. Likewise, the rise of Agile was a response to a real […]


Jul 9, 2018 some comments

As I listen to “Lorelei” by Cocteau Twins, I’m reminded of last week’s post where I talked about context-free music and its virtue in my personal programming head-space. In writing down my thoughts on the matter I didn’t want to give the impression that there’s a strict dichotomy between sentiment-driven and context-free music. Indeed, there […]


Jul 2, 2018 some comments

As I sit here and listen to the brotherhood of saturn by Black Lung & Spiderface I’m reminded of an old interview with Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry where the former describes music as: a package for sentiment… a form of communication And more directly by the latter: (music) moves us to think and feel […]


Jun 25, 2018

While listening to Melting Morning by Solar Ocean and reading Breaking up with James Joyce I’m reminded of my relationship with LISP the Lisp family of languages — but far less dire. I’m fascinated by the idea of regional or “cultural” games. By that I mean “tabletop” or card games that are popular in, and […]


Jun 18, 2018 one comment

While listening to Advaitic Songs by Öm and reading the ACM article “Teaching two programming languages in the first CS course” it reminded me of my faux lesson plan for a college course that no one would ever hire me to teach. In this course students would indeed use and learn two programming languages: one […]

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