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Oct 17, 2018

As I listen to “Monster” by Steppenwolf I’m reminded of my mother. Earlier this year she passed away due to complications from an infection. As a kid I was surrounded by music. My mother was alone in raising me for a large portion of my early childhood and as a result we spent a lot of time together early on. She would always have her records playing and in addition to Steppenwolf I got an early dose of Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, and Moody Blues among others. This early exposure certainly colored my own musical preferences even today.

There’s some buzz around Prolog lately and that’s always exciting. The consequence of buzz however is that the topic tends to find its way onto the orange site. As these things go there are infuriating comments intermingled with illuminating comments floating in a miasmic broth of fake skepticism, sophistry, and unfounded opinions. That said, here are a few golden nuggets to ponder:

At the moment I have my own Prolog implementation that I’ve resurrected from an old codebase which is a pure labor of love (and pain) called “Folog.” It’s based loosely on the Prolog presented in Micro-Prolog: Programming in Logic—a charming Prolog implementation for sure.


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  1. Ghosthamlet

    Your blog posts are always wonderful, Thanks, Can’t wait to see your ‘The best things and stuff of 2018’.

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