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Read-Eval-Print-λove v004 – Production Rules has landed!

Jan 27, 2017

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally put the finishing touches on the latest installment of my Read-Eval-Print-λove zine, this time focusing on production rules.

This installment will deal with production rules, their purpose and implementation as well as an exploration into rules-driven OOP, data, and extracting ourselves from the Tarpit. Plus, I list my 100 favorite Jazz albums.

Some important links are below:

Remember that all installments are considered living documents and can and will change for the better based on feedback from readers.


I hope you’ll enjoy. :F

  1. I offer ebook versions of Read-Eval-Print-λove through LeanPub (i.e. PDF, MOBI and EPUB). The price is very low, but I’d appreciate it very much of you can find it in your heart to give more. 

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  1. Hayden

    And it only took several years!

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