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Games of interest: Catchup

Aug 22, 2014 one comment

Nick Bentley‘s Catchup is a game that I’ve only recently played, but that has captured my imagination in a big way. If you’ve read this blog for any significant amount of time then you might have noticed that I like to talk about programming languages and the process of creating them. With this in mind […]

A few bold, complete projects…

Aug 6, 2014 some comments

One of my favorite bloggers James Hague recently wrote a blog post entitled Timidity Does Not Convince. In this relatively short post he managed to get me thinking about programming languages and their viability in a market for mindshare, especially with his statement: The only arguments that hold water, in terms of programming language suitability, […]

Games of interest: Binary Homeworlds

May 7, 2014 some comments

A few months ago I discovered a game called Homeworlds, and have fallen deeply in love. Homeworlds is a game of intergalactic conquest where ships of differing capabilities battle for supremacy in star systems…. or rather, it’s a Looney Pyramids abstract strategy game invented by John Cooper 1 (a designer whom I admire greatly) akin […]

Emergence and quality

Apr 19, 2014 one comment

Although the blogging bug has not hit me lately, I have been thinking about bloggable topics. One interesting topic that I’m mulling around in my mind at the moment is the idea of emergence in programming language design. The catalyst for this focus was my recent research into the processes that board game designers use […]

I, Cognitect

Feb 3, 2014 some comments

In approximately 20 minutes I begin my first day at Cognitect as a <there are no titles>. These are exciting times for me because it means1 that I can contribute more directly with the evolution of Clojure, ClojureScript, Pedestal and Datomic. For the past year and a half I have used these tools (not so […]

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