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I, Cognitect

Feb 3, 2014

In approximately 20 minutes I begin my first day at Cognitect as a <there are no titles>. These are exciting times for me because it means1 that I can contribute more directly with the evolution of Clojure, ClojureScript, Pedestal and Datomic. For the past year and a half I have used these tools (not so Pedestal) to great effect and am more excited about them than at any point in my history. In addition, to helping with these fine tools, I hope to contribute to the human factors of Clojure and its ecosystem, including, but not limited to documentation and ClojureBridge.

The Aquaman to Cognitect's Justice League.

I’m thy huckleberry!

My contributions along all of these vectors stand to be humble. There are currently brilliant people working these angles, so my goal is to help without getting in the way. Let’s just say that I hope to be the Aquaman to Cognitect’s Justice League.

Good times.


  1. potentially 

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  1. Tracy Harms

    I like the lambda on your wrestler’s belt, Aquafogus.

  2. Bridget

    Whoot! Excellent news.

  3. Sam Umbach

    Glad to have you (back), Fogus!

  4. Congratulations! Hope to hear you on the Cognicast soon :)

  5. That’s awesome! If cognitect and the Clojure community have ever thought about controlling expectations they’re not very good at it. I’m more excited than ever to see where things are headed between the content of people and ideas in the Clojure community to the aligning of things with Cognitect it all seems like some grand opening to something amazing.

  6. Congratulations on your new position at Cognitect, Fogus. Well-deserved!

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