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Fogus’ Four Laws of Thermo-Dumb-Antics

Oct 21, 2013
  1. The 1st law of thermo-dumb-antics1 states that in a buzzword-riddled startup landscape all disruption cancels out to form a mediocrity.
  2. The 2nd law of thermo-dumb-antics describes a condition where the brainpower in a pitch meeting dissipates as heat rather than as good ideas.
  3. The 3rd law of thermo-dumb-antics states that if marketing material mentions the word “disrupt” then there’s no way that disruption will result from said marketed wares.
  4. The 4th law of thermo-dumb-antics states that any conference with “distrupt” in its name is more likely to disrupt other hotel guests located near the conference block than its relevant industry.


  1. The laws of thermo-dumb-antics were recently discovered written on a 2500-year-old (give or take) set of Fluxx Blanxx by the Greek philosopher Mediocrates.2 

  2. An artist’s rendition of Mediocrates: Mediocrates 

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