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Upcoming talks in 2013

Aug 21, 2013

Last year I made a vow to myself that I would not give any talks in 2013 without showing code. What that really means is that any talk that I would give in 2013 had to be related to a project that I was actively working on and had working source code. The first half of the year was empty partially because I didn’t have much to show, but mostly because the projects that I planned to talk about were not interesting enough to talk about,1 but I have a couple talks coming up before the end of the year.

The Shape of Functional Programming (NationJS)

On October 4, 2013 I’ll be giving a talk about functional programming in JavaScript at NationJS. The talk will be about functional programming in general, using Underscore-contrib as the vehicle. This talk will be geared for people with very little exposure to FP.

Zeder (Clojure Conj)

Zeder is a Clojure library that I’ve been working on for about a year and I’ve gotten it to the point where I can talk about it.2 My talk proposal on Zeder was accepted to the Clojure/Conj happening on Nov 14-16, 2013, so I’m very excited to show what I’ve been doing. Without going into too much detail, a TL;TR for a segment of my planned talk is: production-rule system as a value.

I hope to see you at these events.


  1. Nor be accepted. 

  2. Well, by then anyway. 

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  1. Nicholas Quirk


    I may have a man crush on you.

    If you’re ever in need of a coffee boy, I’m your guy.


  2. jb

    Will Zeder be open sourced?

  3. I haven’t decided yet.

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