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Marginalia needs a home

Aug 7, 2013

A long time ago I wrote a blog post entitled The Marginalia Manifesto that described my motivations for developing the Marginalia documentation system.

While much of what I wrote about documentation still holds in my own mind, I have long since become a mere user of my own software. That is, what Marginalia does right now is exactly what I need it to do. As a result I’ve little motivation to extend it or make changes at all. Therefore, if you have great ideas about making Marginalia something more and you’re interested in taking over Marginalia (and lein-marginalia) development then contact me at the address below:


If I find no one to take the reins then don’t worry, I’ll still fix bugs as they pop up and will eventually add features as needed. Many people use Marginalia for their Clojure and ClojureScript projects, so I have no plans of abandoning it to the dustbin of history.


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