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Functional JavaScript: Closure

Jun 18, 2013

It’s done!


After a seemingly endless journey, the publication of Functional JavaScript is complete and books have found their way into peoples’ homes. Below is a list of useful links related to the book:



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  1. Bob

    Bought! After all the cool fun.js examples you posted, I can’t wait to dive into the book.

  2. exim

    May I ask you – do you actually make enough with these books?

    I mean, is it worth it? ;)

    [and thanks for the clojure book, really enjoying!]

  3. exim, I would assume that making money is not his primary motivation. I’m guessing that it boils down to the learning experience, and possibly the prestige associated with having a well known technical book published.

  4. @exim

    Let’s just say that there is no yacht in my future, but it’s still worth it for the prospect of helping people to understand something that I’m passionate about.

  5. Pierre-Marc

    Congrats, got the digital version a few days ago and I really like it!


  6. Carolin Etzold

    “The official Functional JavaScript site” The official site is broken in IE10. You should take a look ;)

    Great to dive into a new JS book. One more on my table!

  7. Rob

    I’m glad to see a book like this in print, Mike. Thanks for writing it. I’ll be giving a talk tonight largely inspired by the subjects contained therein. I hope I do it justice. (Protocols can be surprisingly hard to talk about!)

  8. @Rob

    I agree. I had originally called them protocols because I didn’t want people to come in with preconceived notions, but eventually relented and just called them mixins. In any case, good luck tonight!

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