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Feb 20, 2013

A little less than a month from today the Clojure/West conference takes place in Portland, OR. I attended the first Clojure/West and actually gave a talk entitled ClojureScript Anatomy. This year however I’m not presenting, but I’ll still be there.

tl;dr The Conf° collocated with Clojure/West is happening on the evening of Tues Mar. 19th and is only $50 to attend. Register before it’s too late.


My role at this year’s Clojure/West will be the emcee of the very exciting mini-conference The Conf° (only $50 to attend; register now). If you’re not familiar with the point of The Conf° then the easy explanation is that it’s about different aspects of relational logic using miniKanren. miniKanren has generated a lot of excitement in the Clojure community thanks to David Nolen’s implementation in core.logic and the amazing presentations by the authors of the definitive1 reference on the subject The Reasoned SchemerDaniel Friedman and William Byrd.

While the larger Clojure/West conference looks very exciting, including three days of awesomeness, The Conf° will be a quaint affair devoted to the wonders of miniKanren. However, as the schedule below shows, the focus is not entirely on Clojure. On tap for the evening is a healthy dose of not only Clojure goodness, but also Scheme, Haskell and maybe even something new:

  • Introduction and hello by Me
  • Logic programming in the wild by Gabriel Pickard
  • Intro to CLP with core.logic by Ryan Senior
  • Molog: Typed Functional Logic Programming in Haskell by Adam Foltzer
  • The Architecture of core.logic by David Nolen
  • core.logic.nominal by Nada Amin
  • The Unreasonable Schemers by Dan Friedman and William Byrd

I can’t wait to join the fun. I hope to see you there too.

In the meantime, below you’ll find more information to help you gear up for The Conf°.


  1. TRS is currently the only reference on miniKanren, but I know of another book in development that will cover the topic too

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