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Released core.cache v0.6.2

Aug 14, 2012

core.cache v0.6.2 Release Notes core.cache is a Clojure contrib library providing the following features: An underlying CacheProtocol used as the base abstraction for implementing new synchronous caches A defcache macro for hooking your CacheProtocol implementations into the Clojure associative data capabilities. Immutable implementations of some basic caching strategies First-in-first-out (FIFOCache) Least-recently-used (LRUCache) Least-used (LUCache) Time-to-live […]

100 Languages in 100 Weeks

Aug 7, 2012 some comments

As mentioned in my previous post about “actually agile”, I recently talked with Craig Andera for the Think Relevance podcast. He and I talked about many topics of interest to the readers of my blog including agile development, simulation, Datomic, Clojure, Alan Kay and a few projects that have occupied my time lately. Among them […]

Everyone’s “agile”

Aug 3, 2012 some comments

Everyone’s agile Last Monday I recorded an interview with Craig Andera for the Think Relevance podcast. You’re likely to hear it some time soon, but I wanted to mention at least one point made during the discussion in more depth. As some of you may know, I recently left Relevance, but my feelings for the […]

So long, and thanks for all the <-(:> :-)-<

Jul 27, 2012 some comments

Today I say goodbye to Relevance Inc. and Clojure/core.1 Next week I start a new adventure in programming. As many of you may have experienced, leaving a job that you enjoy, populated by brilliant people, provokes a strange mix of emotions. If you work at a job that you enjoy, populated with brilliant people, then […]

Some Lisp books (and then some)

Jul 25, 2012 some comments

Some Lisp books caveat: tthis is not a best-of nor a comprehensive list of Lisp books; it is merely a selection of Lisp books you may not have heard of or that special to me in some way. If you find this post interesting then you might like my yearly best-of posts. My first Lisp […]

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