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Dan Weinreb, Rest in Peace

Sep 7, 2012 some comments

Dan Weinreb didn’t know me, but I am very familiar and a great admirer of his work. However, one day a few years ago I wrote a blog post entitled “Yegge, Clojure, Arc, and Lolita: or Days of Future Past that generated some very interesting discussion. Among the best pieces of information-dense wisdom, and one […]

Minimum Viable Snippet

Aug 23, 2012 some comments

Learning a new programming language, library or framework can be difficult. It often takes an incredible amount of patience, time and persistence to properly learn something new and of even moderate complexity. Given this unavoidable commitment, programmers are often reticent to choose one option over another. Granted, programmers looking to transition away from .NET as […]

Phrases Of Maximum Dickery

Aug 22, 2012 some comments

Phrases of maximum dickery, or PoMD for short, hashtag #pomd:1 Well, actually… Why don’t they just… Why would you ever want to…2 Obviously… As you can see…3 Just read the source… Patches welcomed…4 More? :F I heard this term somewhere but I can’t remember where. Any pointers would be helpful. ↩ This one can take two […]

0th-world Problems

Aug 19, 2012 some comments

0th-world problems are like first-world problems except only applicable to computerists. (hashtag is #0th) Examples include, but are not limited to: Ending relationships due to a fundamental disagreement over whether arrays should be 0, 1 or open indexed. Losing sleep trying to solve the world’s Hacker News ranking algorithm problem. Fear and loathing over a […]

Mentioned by RPG

Aug 17, 2012 one comment

Ranier Joswig has linked a number of papers suggested by or written by Richard P. Gabriel in the Lisp Sub-Reddit. Although I’ve read a few of those linked, I thought placing the recommendations here would be interesting to my readers, and serve as a personal reminder to study them for research purposes. Howard I. Cannon, […]

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