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100 Languages in 100 Weeks

Aug 7, 2012

As mentioned in my previous post about “actually agile”, I recently talked with Craig Andera for the Think Relevance podcast. He and I talked about many topics of interest to the readers of my blog including agile development, simulation, Datomic, Clojure, Alan Kay and a few projects that have occupied my time lately. Among them is a book that I’ve been working on1 with Russ Olsen about the past, present and future of programming languages. At the moment I’m referring to it as “100 Languages in 100 Weeks”,2 but this is only a working title and in no way a final option.

I’ll post more information about the book moving forward as it becomes more fully formed.

Wish me luck.


  1. ~100 pages of first-draft material, some source code, and another ~50 pages of outline, hundreds of pages of notes and another ~20 pages of footnotes right now. 

  2. And this working title does not indicate that we’re writing a book like Bruce Tate’s wonderful “7 Languages in 7 Weeks”

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  1. Ivan Pierre

    Good luck and work ;)

  2. abp

    Great to hear that you’re working on another epic tome. Hope this time your publisher will not cut down on referred knowledge and additional explanations. (like Manning did with joc, I think)

  3. Bob Shock

    Good luck! I’m a big fan of “The Joy of Clojure”!

  4. Anton

    The title “100 Languages in 100 Weeks” excites me so much. Sounds really huge, you should definitely leave it like that. =) And good luck with the project!

  5. jason

    On the podcast you mentioned Comp Sci not having a sense of history. By chance I’m reading Paul Graham’s list of Lisp quotes[1] and:

    “Most papers in computer science describe how their author learned what someone else already knew.”

    Good luck in all that you do and thanks for what you’ve already done!


  6. I like “Programming languages and How They Got That Way” as a title myself :-)

  7. Garjola

    Hi, I was wondering if there has been some progress on this book idea? I am looking forward to reading it! Thanks

  8. There has been progress, but as it’s a labor of love the progress comes in bursts. At the moment my time has been spent in research and working on the 2nd edition of JoC.

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