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Pet tagging

May 14, 2012

I’m constantly on the lookout for fresh perspectives (and unknown old perspectives for that matter) within various computing topics that I find interesting. Sites like Delicious and Pinboard are great for finding information, but they are far from perfect. One downside is that they are largely driven by user tagging, but the clear problem is that tags amongst different users (and within the same user in many cases) is inconsistent. I’ve tried to compile common links and references under a consistent set of tags across not only these bookmarking sites but also in my own notes and applications. The most interesting are as follows:


Programming language development. This is not used for articles about using library X or compiler Y, but instead articles about the art of programming language design, research and implementation. Useful subcategories for this tag include:

  • fp
  • oop
  • impl-? where ? is replaced by the implementation language. 1


Text-editor development. This includes articles specific to creating new text editors.


Operating system development.


Database development. I’ve only recently started looking at this, and am surprised how difficult it is to find examples of “hobby” databases in the wild. 2


Game development, including the following sub-tags:

  • roguelike
  • 3d


Artificial Intelligence library and system development. Sub-tags correspond to AI sub-fields.


Interesting stories, images, source, manuals, etc. regarding dead computer systems.


Stuff about zombies.

This system is far from perfect, and requires dedicated curating and seems to cry out for Bayesian classification. It would be wonderful if something like Prismatic allowed for the definition and discovery of such categories, but alas I’m not sure what such an interface would look like. What are you pet tags?


  1. I try to use the impl-? tag for all of the dev-related tags. 

  2. All jokes about NoSQL DBs aside. 

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