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May 1, 2012

I rarely declare new year resolutions but for some reason I felt oddly compelled to do so this year (2012). These were formulated in the beginning of the year, but here they are for posterity’s sake:


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  1. configurator

    I’d be interested to know more about the programming language you’re creating / will create, even if it doesn’t amount to much.

  2. @configurator Nothing serious. It was once a hobby of mine that I’ve wanted to get back into. I’ll post about it once it’s worth posting about.

  3. configurator

    I have the same hobby. Nothing ever comes of it, though, because I keep changing my mind about what a good language would be like.

  4. anonymous

    You’ve read 61 books in 129 days? 2 books a day? What’s your definition of “read”? How many hours a day are you devoting to this? How many pages do you read in an hour? WTF?

  5. anonymous

    Of course I meant “A book every 2 days” not “2 books a day”.

  6. @anonymous Weird huh? I talk a little bit about this at

  7. presto

    Your post “Reading for the Rushed” is great and do clarify some points. But I think that what anonymous really wants to know is a) the amount of information retained after you’ve read something and b) your reading speed, perhaps in words per minute.

    As for me, I guess I can’t read that many books given that I usually don’t spend more than 1 hour/day of reading time and my reading speed would be at best around 250wpm when reading a romance (if I hope to retain more than 90% of what I just read). :-/ Perhaps I should keep practicing.

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