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Mar 23, 2012

What lein-generative is

A Leiningen plugin used to run generative tests defined using the test.generative Clojure contrib library.


This is currently only proven to work in Leiningen versions earlier than 2.0. It might work with v2.0, but I’ve yet to try.

Add the following to your Leiningen project.clj file in the :dev-dependencies section:

[lein-generative ""]

The version number of lein-generative will track the latest released version of test.generative. The end of the version number will be the specific sub-version of this plugin.


To run tests defined with test.generative you can simply run:

$ lein generative

This will, by default, run all tests in the project’s test directory. If you prefer to run tests in a different directory then you can add something like the following to your project.clj properties:

:generative-path "/path/to/your/tests"

Source code for this version will be made available very soon.



A HUGE thanks to Roman Gonzalez for putting this project in motion and allowing me to contribute.

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