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A Bookmark

Mar 1, 2012

In my last post on reading I mentioned that I like to take notes while reading to help crystalize my understanding. Here’s how I take notes.


My bookmark is my note-taking device.


It’s a Moleskine Cahier plain notebook. It’s very thin and works pretty well to mark my page in most sized books. Moleskine also offers a smaller sized notebook, the Volant that might work even better, but I’ve yet to try one.


I simply write notes as I go.


And put words needing definition or that I want to remember in the back.



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  1. F_D

    Filigree? Chattel? You reading Cormac McCarthy or something?

    Also double-yes on the Moleskine Cahier notebooks. I use these for my note taking at work and have been extremely happy. Never thought to use them as “a bookmark” as well.

  2. Duraid

    I’ve looking for a good portable notebook because the one I have is not very practical. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Do you have a notebook for each book? Sounds expensive.

  4. Great idea! For a less visually appealing but similar trick I use index cards as bookmarks. I like the 4×6 ones because I can fit more onto them. You could also file the cards afterward if you wanted to and create a reader’s journal out of your reading notes. (Personally I usually just keep a list of author/title as well but now I’m thinking I should keep all my notes…)

  5. Tony

    You have, er, wide-ranging tastes if “Let Stalk Strine” is on your reading list. As an Australian in my mid forties, I fondly remember reading that many years ago. Most impressive, Mr Fogus.

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