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The best things and stuff of 2012

Dec 26, 2012 some comments

Great things and people that I discovered, learned, read, met, etc. in 2012. No particular ordering is implied. Not everything is new. hacker news discussion also: see the lists from 2011 and 2010 Great blog posts read A short lesson in perspective — easily the best post of 2012 in my mind. Exponential decay of […]

This PLT Life: Just works…

Dec 17, 2012

Inspired1 by Manuel Simoni’s This PLT Life series I present, “When I spend days working on a hard problem, and it just works the first time I run it.”: :F Stolen ↩

Our industry needs more…

Nov 27, 2012 some comments

A few weeks ago I tweeted: Every programmer should create, at least once: OS, editor, database, roguelike, interpreter, compiler and robot. Yesterday a lovely post was released by an adventurous programmer Gusts Kaksis who hopes to create an operating system from scratch. Much to my chagrin, the discussion over at Hacker News was quite […]

This PLT Life: The Node.js guy speaks his mind

Oct 18, 2012 some comments

Inspired1 by Manuel Simoni’s This PLT Life series I present, “My reaction when the Node.js guy speaks about simplicity and programming languages.”: :F Stolen ↩

Announcing Minderbinder v0.2.0

Oct 16, 2012 some comments

Minderbinder is a Clojure library for defining unit conversions available at read, compile and run time. This post is a quick overview. More information is available on the Minderbinder source repo. Use Include the following in your Leiningen project.clj file: [fogus/minderbinder “0.2.0”] Or include the following in your pom.xml file in the dependencies section: <dependency> […]

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