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Function Identities

May 31, 2011 some comments

One of the first features one will encounter when exploring Clojure (and most Lisps that I am familiar with) is that its arithmetical operations can take any number of arguments. (+ 1 2 3 4 5) ;=> 15 This feature is very convenient, but if you are a tinkerer then you may quickly encounter something […]

Become Obsolete

May 17, 2011

this is a follow-on to a previous post Never Feel Safe. maybe this is a series? who knows. Here are some technologies that I’ve spent significant time and energy learning, that have seen better days: MFC Javaspaces CORBA CLIPS HLA 6809 assembly language 1802 assembly language XML-RPC Commodore 64 BASIC Ant TextPad XLispStat My brain […]

Marginalia v0.5.1 has landed

May 11, 2011

I just pushed out the latest bug-fix version of Marginalia, v 0.5.1. You can grab it via your chosen build system through Clojars or directly at the Marginalia downloads page. Some of the fixes/additions in this release are: Playing nicer with latest version of Hiccup Smarter parsing Documentation of Cake usage Better HTML escaping This […]

The German School of Lisp

May 3, 2011 some comments

The German school of Lisp is described by Kazimir Majorinc as a Spartan movement1 in Lisp implementation. But let me be clear, the Lisps in question are not toys like the one’s littering the Lisp landscape (including my own). Likewise, these Lisps are not libraries nor are they full-blown development ecosystems. Let’s explore these distinctions […]

My favorite interview question

Apr 26, 2011 some comments

Whenever I interview a candidate I always work in some variation of a very simple question: How would you change your favorite programming language to make it better? I don’t really care what the answer is (that is, I don’t mind if we disagree). However, I care very much that people think critically about the […]

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