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Atomic Hacker News

Jul 6, 2011 some comments

Here’s the thing. Hacker News has not changed. I have.1 As a long-time member of Hacker News it appears that the relative quality and lack-thereof for the link submissions, questions, and commentary has remained stable. There are still very few links of interest to me, but those that are good tend toward great. However, I […]


Jun 20, 2011 some comments

unk is a memoization library for Clojure that provides an extension to the base capabilities. Using unk unk is easy to use. Leiningen [unk “0.9.0”] Maven <dependency> <groupId>unk</groupId> <artifactId>unk</artifactId> <version>0.9.0</version> </dependency> Source Unk is on the Githubs. Straight-up replacement unk can be used in place of clojure.core.memoize. (def slowly (fn [x] (Thread/sleep 3000) x)) (time […]

(first (rich-hickey))

Jun 9, 2011 one comment

Rich Hickey is the author of Clojure (take… is an on-going series of micro-interviews focused on Clojure. What was the first interesting program that you wrote? An early program I wrote that got me excited about the possibilities of computing was a simple evolution program. Bugs moved around on the screen looking for food, with […]

10 Haskell One Liners to Impress Your Friends

Jun 3, 2011 some comments

Following the meme (scala, ruby, clojure, python, f#, coffeescript, c#) I would truly appreciate feedback from people whom actually know Haskell. As you may notice below, my grasp is not yet strong. Multiple Each Item in a List by 2 map (*2) [1..10] Sum a List of Numbers foldl (+) 0 [1..1000] — or better […]

A JavaScript Puzzler

Jun 1, 2011 some comments

[sourcecode lang=”javascript” gist=”1002886″]var M = function() { this.m = function() { return 42 } }; var inst = new M(); inst.f = function() { return 42 }; // How to tell that f is a function in a field and // m is a method in an arbitrary object? // // example: is_method(inst.f); //=> false […]

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