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Perlis Languages

Aug 14, 2011 some comments

this is another entry in a series on programmer enrichment A language that doesn’t affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing. — Alan Perlis inspired by a LtU thread and the great post Programming Achievements: How to Level Up as a Developer by Jason Rudolph1. most code samples from Rosetta Code. […]

Compiling Clojure to JavaScript, pt. 2 – Why No Eval?

Jul 29, 2011 some comments

By excluding eval the Clojure/core team was not acting miserly, but instead had valid reasons for its exclusion. This post will go over why eval was excluded and why it may never see the light of day in the core distribution.

Compiling Clojure to Javascript

Jul 21, 2011 some comments

This is the first entry in an n-part series explaining the techniques and design principles of ClojureScript.

I finally understand Quora

Jul 17, 2011 some comments

When Quora came on the scene I was excited by the prospect of a questions site that might prove useful. However, after spending some time exploring the site I simply couldn’t find the motivation to stay. I would return from time to time to see what had changed and noticed that the populated data seemed […]

No Stinking Mutants

Jul 12, 2011 some comments

In the quest for programming nirvana developers are constantly trying to reduce complexities in their code. One source of confusion and complexity is mutation. This post is about the different faces of mutation and state change, and the ways that Clojure helps to alleviate the complexities surrounding them. This is not a comprehensive treatise by any means, but hopefully it serves as a survey.

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