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The Devil’s Programming Glossary: Rubris

Sep 17, 2011

Ru·bris Noun /ˈroōbris/

Excessive pride in one’s programming language or framework.

  • (in Greek tragedy) the eternal drive to reinvent the wheel as a hexagonal protuberance.

RELATED TO: ru·bris·tic /ˈroōbristik/ adjective

SYNONYMS: va·node·ty /vannōdtē/ noun

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  1. Chris

    Please please please change your ipad theme. If I wanted to be punched in the face by my browser I’d be running Windows Explorer.

  2. I had great hopes for that iPad theme. :-( Now. Disabled.

  3. Rich Homa

    Are you sure you don’t mean hexahedral, not hexagonal? True, the ancient Greeks tended to be rather unpractical, but I don’t think even they would have tried to use a plane figure rather than a solid on the ends of an axle.

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