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Aug 30, 2010 some comments

As with any Lisp ever created, Clojure has recently been infected with talk of alternative layout styles of closing (and in some cases, open) parentheses…

Monkeying with Clojure’s comp Function

Aug 18, 2010 some comments

A slight modification to Clojure’s comp function gives me more power…

Monkeying with Clojure’s defmethod Macro

Aug 10, 2010 some comments

I’ve at times found the need to use the precise match form of Clojure’s multimethod dispatch value — so created a macro to make it a little easier.

MartinOdersky take(5) toList

Aug 6, 2010 some comments

Dr. Martin Odersky on Scala and Clojure.

Joy of Clojure – In the Books!

Aug 5, 2010 one comment

Chouser and I have finished our book…

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