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Unifycle: A Unification Library for Clojure

Sep 27, 2010 some comments

As a first step toward a much grander Clojure project I needed a unification library to supplement a simple logic engine (the second step in the larger plan)…

Controlling iTunes with Scala

Sep 22, 2010 one comment

A while back I came across an interesting snippet of Clojure code1 controlling iTunes. I played around with it and eventually morphed it into the code posted on my @learnclojure account. This morning I came across a similarly themed post about Scala’s interaction with Applescript and it inspired me to create the following: [sourcecode lang=”scala” […]

A Response to Ineffectual Java-NG Proposals

Sep 21, 2010 some comments

[sourcecode lang=”java” gist=”591070″]// There is a difference between classes and data // All classes and data are immutable by default public data Person { String name; Int age; // return type inference public toString() { return name + ” is ” + age; } } // somewhere else // Chains replace the need for ordered […]

(take 6 (george-jahad))

Sep 13, 2010 one comment

George Jahad is, in my estimation, one of the most exciting Clojure hackers…

Monkeying with Clojure’s deftest

Sep 3, 2010 some comments

Say you have a namespace a that needs to be tested: 1 (ns a) (defn ^{:private true} foo [] 42) Using Clojure’s clojure.test libs you might think it would be as simple as the following: (ns b (:use [clojure.test :only [deftest is]])) (deftest test-foo (is (= 42 (a/foo)))) ; java.lang.IllegalStateException: var: #’a/foo is not public […]

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